The ‘Basement’ Art Gallery is located in Krakow’s district, Kazimierz. It is an almost one hundred square meter underground space in a historic tenement house. Original brick tunnel vaults and dark walls lend this place a unique and enigmatic ambience, creating ideal conditions for exhibiting artwork. At the same time, it is a friendly place where everybody can come, see an exhibition, sit and contemplate, discuss or keep silent, drink a cup of coffee or tea … We don’t want our gallery to intimidate anyone as sensitivity to art is in everyone and the knowledge of art is not indispensable to be enthused by a painting, a graphic or a sculpture.

The gallery’s profile is open. It is focused on the presentation of artworks made by experienced artists as well as young artists who are at the beginning of their artistic journey. Gallery space is hospitable to all artistic attitudes and forms of expression: painting, graphic, sculpture, photography, installation, video, performance, etc.

We invite artists, both young and experienced, professionals and those with passion who would like to sell their art through the gallery as well as those interested in individual or group exhibitions.

We invite clients interested in purchasing artworks, those for whom the topic is well-known as well as novice art lovers. We will be glad to help as anybody can buy an art piece or start a collection regardless of the level of affluence and possessed knowledge.

The gallery also offers the possibility to rent the space, either the entire gallery or a single room, for poetry readings, workshops, presentations or meetings.

Galeria Sztuki
"W Przyziemiu"

ul. Starowiślna 36
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