Helena Rajska

Born in 1990 in Gluszyca, Poland. She started her artistic practice in 2003 in the ceramics studio of Rytis Konstantinavicius. In 2014, she obtained the title of architect engineer with a specialization in the conservation and protection of monuments (PWSZ in Nysa). She currently lives in Oslo, where she has her painting and ceramics studio, and is working on the renovation of monuments for one of the Norwegian  companies.

Artist Statement:

On behalf of I, a highly sensitive individual, I manifest. I manifest through painting stories about man, his nature wrapped in fears, difficult experiences, and yet strong and intransigent. I fight for emotions. For the lack of taboos in telling the truth about yourself. For uncovering fear. For courage in returning from nothingness. I identify the overwhelming. Life is an experience and I don't run away from it. I’m developing. I create.

2022, ‘Shells’ MCK Czarnkow – individual exhibition
2022, Moscice Art Center, RED GALLERY, Tarnow – group exhibition
2008, MCK Gluszyca – group exhibition
2007, ‘What They Are Talking About’ – MBP Nowa Ruda – individual exhibition

Mega*Zine Lost&Found # 21/2017
Surreal42- Surreal Hall of Faces- 2014

Exhibition: ‘Deeply hidden’

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