'Ship of Fools'

exhibition: 9/06/2022 – 17/06/2022

Artists : Daria Bicz  /  Maja Błachut  /  Igor Budzowski  /  Roch Gablankowski  /  Weronika Garbień  /  Monika Grzesik  /  Zuzanna Karczewska  /  Ola Kubowicz  /  Łukasz Maciaszkiewicz  /  Jaśmin Pachura   /   Aleksandra Monika Piętka  /  Wojciech Siwik  /  Tycjan Twardowski

The subject of stimulants is a popular theme in pop culture, showing very specific aspects of various environments (such as in the movies ‘The Wolf of Wall’ or ‘Requiem for a Dream’
or in the works of David LaChapelle), but their image is often limited to glorification or demonization. On the other hand, in the social discourse, this topic seems to be marginalized, closed in a bubble of ‘taboo topics’.

Drugs, however, are an element of culture that can impose context on times, persons and events. They are material for a social comment. Our exhibition creates a first-person narrative in which the narrator is a symbolic representative, observer and participant of fictional stories that could happen. Through the prism of the broken consciousness of the main charactert, a typical everyman and his / her life experiences, we build a collage image of contemporary society, especially its aspects that are usually left unsaid.

The exhibition consists of over a dozen works created using various media (painting, installation, photography, sound collage). Each work relates to a specific situation and is associated with a specific drug. All works are accompanied by excerpts from the diary, which give the whole story a fictional character. Presenting this exhibition in an art gallery is a kind of bridge between the system and the margin, aimed at bringing the taboo subject to  light.opowiadanych historii.


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